Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oh charidee

I love trying to help the world, through being a hippy veggie and recycling; but I love finding a bargain a tad more (i'm a poor student, feel for me).

I think I get it from my nan, through out my whole life she has drummed it into my brain that bargains are good, and wastage is not. Endless trips to Iceland, then Somerfields, then Aldis happened, a lot.

So I do try to transcend this into guilt-free bargain shopping! Which is why I love charity shops, as do many. Of course vintage shops are better, but usually ten times the price!

Here is my best find of the week. I love a good old man jumper, and this one was a measly £4. I have bought jumpers from vintage stores for £40, which sometimes makes me wanna vom in my mouth. Once again, excuse the lack of make up and awful man hair! As well as the super uncool effects that I really wanted to add (getting to grips with the ole Macbook still)...

Layla x

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