Thursday, January 26, 2012

Good job Gaytten!

I'm in love with the spring/summer Dior couture collection! I know its a massive, massive dream, but one day I want to be wearing these gorgeous designs! One day...

I especially love these beautiful, nude, dreamy pieces. The court shoes and nipped in waists are a nod to the recent tv show Madmen. Why can't I live in Madmen times?

How amazing are these! Taking you right back to the 1947 Newlook created by Dior himself. The dog tooth checks, waspie waistlines and that air of nonchalance, a perfect investment for any woman, who is minted of corse. 

I think Bill Gaytten has done a marvellous job at taking over from Galliano, hopefully he'll keep up the good work, so that I can continue dreaming....

Layla x

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