Tuesday, January 10, 2012

WAH Inspired Nail Art

I absolutely LOVE nail art! When I was a younger I used to decorate my nails in all sorts of embarrassing cool patterns. As I got the new nail art pens for Christmas, and some new nail colours for my birthday, I decided to do some experimenting...

The Equipment

Top coat, Topshop in Beyond the sea, Topshop in Daredevil, 
Barry M in Cobalt Blue, and Rio nail pen in White and Black 

The Results

I decided to have a go at some leopard nails, inspired by WAH. Using multiple, unpredictable colours. I am really pleased with the results, and it was a lot more simpler than it seems! Here are the steps I took to achieve these nails;

1 Use a clear basecoat

2 Paint every other nail a different colour, starting from the little finger.

3 Paint the four nails left white.

4 Then paint half of the coloured thumbs white, and also paint the small top sections of the other coloured nails white, but this time at a slight angle.

5 Then on the white part of the nails add small blobs of colour.

6 Then go around these with the nib of the black pen. Also add in some random blobs and semi circles, to create the finished WAH style, multicoloured, funky nails. Et Voila!

Enjoy! Layla x

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