Saturday, July 21, 2012

New/Old Things That I Bought...

Leopard print shirt - £3.75, Havens Hospice (Rayleigh)

Dungaree Shorts - £10, New Look (Sale)

Cardigan- £4, Havens Hospice (Rayleigh)

Chain Necklace- 50p Charity Shop (Wickford)

Note - The leopard print shirt is kinda disgusting if left as it is, however, I simply tied it up at the end and rolled up the sleeves, et voila! The Chanel-esque cardi was in such great condition that I had to nab it, £4 for such a great quality material. The label's marked with St. Michael's, which shows just how old this M&S goodie is, vintage love!

Top left, All Topshop Sale. The toe ring and ear cuff were not marked, but once at the till the price was reduced by at least 70%, on top of the 10% student discount, this made my day. I have been wanting to decorate my upper finger for SO long now, so to have this beaut for around £1 is great!

Bracelets - £1.50, New Look (Sale)

Purse - £3, Green Bangle - £1, Gold Clasp Bracelet - £1.75, All British Heart Foundation (Rayleigh)

I like to think that i'm a bit of a bargain hunter, maybe I should apply for one of those daytime TV shows with that orange Dickinson guy...
Anyway, head down to your local shopping centre NOW, as the sales have officially begun, there's lots of bikinis and summer wear are filling those shelves. Obviously this is no good for dreary Britain, but if you're jetting off like myself last minute, then I highly recommend a snoop around for some bargains!

Layla x

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