Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Purr Magazine - A Cat/Fashion Mash-up!

For my last university project, I created Purr magazine, a niche monthly fashion magazine inspired by cats. Sounds different? Thats the whole point! It was a great experience dedicating myself to producing my own publication, and it definitely reinforced my love for fashion and the media! Here are a few images pulled straight from the magazine...

How To... Customise your old tees

Model - Helena Asquith
Styling/Photography - Myself

Where The Wild Things Are

Model - Sophie Jones
Styling/Photography - Myself

For issue one of Purr magazine, I also interviewed two very different, yet very fascinating and inspiring individuals; Stephanie Harwin, award winning editor of the cat-lifestyle blog, Catsparella, and Elisa Allen, manager at PETA UK (People for the Ethical treatment of Animals).

Stephanie Harwin

Elisa Allen

I would like to thank all of those who were involved in helping to create Purr magazine! 

I hope you are all as pleased with issue one as I am.

Layla x

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